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[CES 2018] Avnet showcases new services for bringing technologies to market
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USA - Avnet (www.avnet.com), a leading global technology distributor, will participate in CES 2018, underscoring its commitment to helping guide companies of all sizes as they take their technology innovations from idea to design to production.

Avnet will showcase new end-to-end services and capabilities that help everyone from makers to professional engineers and large multinational enterprises overcome the challenges of bringing new technology solutions to market. Avnet also is the title sponsor of The Not Impossible Awards, recognizing projects that use technology to improve the well-being of others.


Location: Tech East, Westgate, booth 2609

Avnet will demonstrate new IoT services that help developers overcome the challenges of bringing IoT products to market. These include:

IoT Advisory Services – Leveraging years of expertise in the technology sector, Avnet can assist customers with IoT roadmap strategies, business case development, audit and readiness assessments, and proof-of-value workshops.

IoT Device Design and Build Services – Avnet helps product developers overcome challenges related to design, manufacturing, technology selection and inventory management.

IoT Cloud and Digital Services – Utilizing a robust suite of services, Avnet provides customers with support on cloud and analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, web and mobile app development, connectivity, and other digital tools.

IoT Lifecycle Services – Avnet can facilitate smooth deployments of IoT solutions with services such as field installation and maintenance, device management, firmware and security updates, as well as warranty coverage programs.

Additionally, Avnet will present IoT smart solutions for three sectors – industrial, retail and healthcare – and showcase physical demonstrations of how sensors, gateways, digital solutions and the supply chain work together to bring products to market.


Location: Sands, Level 1, Eureka Park booth 50212 (Avnet) and booth 50211 (Hardware Studio)

Avnet, Dragon Innovation and Kickstarter are bringing Hardware Studio to CES, highlighting how innovative hardware products get made, and sharing tips for how to make the manufacturing process less daunting.

Hardware Studio offers two elements: Hardware Studio Toolkit, a community site for designers to access tutorials and webinars before launching their Kickstarter projects; and Hardware Studio Connection, a more selective program for makers to get hands-on support from Avnet and Dragon Innovation engineers. Creators and engineers can sign up for one-on-one sessions with experts from Avnet and Dragon Innovation to get advice and ask questions about factory selection, sourcing, manufacturing and more.

Additionally, the booth 50212 will feature the launch of the Avnet Path to Prototype box, designed to help startups get a successful start on their hardware projects. Path to Prototype is a guide for the journey from idea to prototype and features support from the powerful ecosystem of Avnet, Dragon Innovation, Hackster.io, MakerSource.io, Newark and element14.


Location: Zappos Headquarters, 400 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Avnet is the title sponsor of The Not Impossible Awards and a presenting sponsor of The Not Impossible Connectivity Award. The awards event, which will take place on the evening of Jan. 11, recognizes the inspiring work of people and companies who share the Not Impossible Labs mission to create innovative technology that improves the well-being of others.

The recipients of The 2018 Not Impossible Awards Powered by Avnet include:

DCTclock – The Not Impossible Connectivity Award for their utilization of connected devices to improve lives

ANDE – The Not Impossible Commitment Award for their dedication to evolving tools to progress public safety

BecDot – The Not Impossible Limitless Award for their ability to break through barriers

OffGridBox – The Not Impossible Ignition Award for their commitment to accessible energy

VR-Project Δ (Delta) and VR-Qualis Est Vita – The Not Impossible Vitality Award for their innovation in healthcare

WHERE: CES 2018 Las Vegas

WHEN: Specific times noted above

Booth Demonstrations

Tuesday, Jan. 9 – Friday, Jan. 12

Not Impossible Awards

Thursday, Jan. 11


Select Avnet executives and subject matter experts will be in attendance, as well as winners of The Not Impossible Awards.

All brands and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks, and are the properties of their respective owners. Avnet disclaims any proprietary interest in marks other than its own. 

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