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[Company profile] Canatu: truly flexible touch for wearables
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2015.04.16  18:11:00
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With the demand for wearables proliferating, Canatu (www.canatu.com), a leading manufacturer of flexible transparent conductive films for touch sensors, enables great looking flexible wearables and is the winning solution for wearables touch.

The need for flexible displays being extremely contemporary and on-trend, Canatu is the only manufacturer on the market who can provide truly flexible touch solutions. In order to appeal to consumers, wearable devices need to be sleek and look good, not rigid and unbendable as many on the market currently are.


By using Canatu’s CNB™ (Carbon NanoBud®) films and touch sensors, wearables and other IoT devices not only look good and contemporary but also appeal to their segmented market better.

Canatu manufactures transparent conductive films on PET and other polymer substrates for touchscreen and display manufacturers. Canatu has developed a proprietary Carbon NanoBud material which is the basis for both its films and sensors.

Carbon NanoBud is a hybrid of Carbon Nanotubes and fullerenes and produced in a single process directly from carbon gases making it affordable to produce.

Unlike ITO (indium tin oxide) and other contending materials, Canatu’s CNB is not brittle and it hence it does not break upon bending. In terms of flexibility, CNB surpasses any other material on the market, enabling the use of versatile and innovative designs; something end customers want.

Canatu’s first-class flexible, transparent, conductive CNB films and touch sensors provide OEM’s absolute design freedom. The range of films includes an ultra-thin 23mm flexible, transparent, conductive CNB film which is particularly appealing to those wanting ultra-thin and sleek displays.

Withholding 150 000 bends at 1mm bend radius, our films are revolutionary. CNB material is 120 % stretchable making it excellent for in-mold use. Touch applications can be placed on any surface, even on the sharpest of edges. Despite being rigorously bent and stretched there is never any compromise to conductivity. No other carbon based material can reach the high transmission of 96% at 150 ohms/square.

With zero haze and zero reflection our films maintain high contrast at all times and are exceptionally well-suited for outdoors. Many wearables on the market e.g. activity trackers and smartwatches need to be easily and quickly readable - CNB’s no haze, no reflection properties provide devices an optically superb finish.

Zero haze and reflectivity also contributes to CNB having up to 40 % better contrast compared to other materials used on the market. Higher contrast in turn enables the use of lower display power which increases battery life up to 20%. Consumers are demanding better battery life for devices as well as innovative new designs. Our films enable both.

Current wearable devices are not completely customer centric nor are they addressing the large consumer market as prevailing technology has previously been limited in design. Going forward the challenge for designers will be to combine ´functional devices’ with fashion, competing not only in functionality but also in looks.

To achieve this, designers need to use truly formable material such as CNB, which due to its truly flexible properties supports any type of design.

Flexible UI based on a flexible conductive film enables total design freedom when it comes to form. The integration of capacitive touch sensors with plastic moulding technologies allows not only 3D shapes but also the extensive use of graphic inks to create fashionable items that can work as accessories with clothing. 3D shapes can be light and airy while hi-value graphic inks, glossy surfaces, can easily create visually attractive as well as functional IoT devices.

The markets are ready for revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing products and so is Canatu. Canatu has already started commercialization and is finalising a number of projects with high profile customers wanting to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

With demand for flexible touch solutions being so high, it is safe to say Canatu’s CNB range is revolutionising the industry.

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