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[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
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2015.11.11  16:35:26
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By Electriplast (www.electriplast.com)


The Bipolar Battery concept was published in early 1920’s and there are multiple patents awarded for design of the bipolar battery and bipolar plates. However, there are no commercially viable, high volume capable design solution for a bipolar battery and bipolar plate resulting in this technology being available only for low volume, cost non-sensitive applications.

The reason is, nonexistence of a practical, fully defined and high volume manufacturable design of the bipolar plate using conventional high volume production processes. A Performance Advantage The evolution from monopolar to bipolar technology (as shown in Exhibit 1) eliminates the use of top lead to connect the plates. Thereby, reducing weight and reducing overall size.

However, commercialization has been hampered by challenges ranging from corrosion to current leakage. The bipolar capabilities remain attractive because of the energy and power capabilities that could be packaged into a relatively low cost offering...

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