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[CES 2016] Marseille Networks launches world’s most advanced video enhancing HDMI device
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2016.01.11  11:43:56
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USA - mCable, the world’s most advanced video-enhancing HDMI device, developed and patented by Silicon Valley-based Marseille Networks (www.marseilleproducts.com), was available in late October, in time for the 2015 holiday shopping season.

The announcement was made by Tim Suri, Executive Vice President of Digital Treasures (www.digitaltreasures.com), the exclusive distributor of the mCable in North America, and Amine Chabane, President and CEO of Marseille Networks.

“Think of it not as a cable, but as a critical component in your video setup,” Suri said. “By allowing the mCable’s built-in processor to enhance and filter your video content before it reaches your television, you will enjoy an amazingly clean and sharp visual experience. With Marseille’s proprietary contextual processing algorithms, every pixel receives special treatment, which enhances details and produces greater levels of resolution, depth and realism. The output is greater than the input.”

Chabane added, “mCable is far superior to any HDMI cable on the market today, as the only device that enhances picture quality. Passive HDMI cables aregenerally all the same, whether they are priced at $10 or $300. At best, the passive cables are capable of producing an output that is equal to the input. As of today, despite the explosive growth of 4K televisions in the market, there is extremely limited availability of 4K content. In real time, the mCable is capable of taking HD content and generating 4K content, 4K Image Certified by Technicolor.”

The mCable can enhance and upscale 1080p HD up to 4K quality, as well as transform 480p SD and 720p HD up to 1080p HD quality. In other words, the mCable improves Blu-ray content, as well as legacy DVD and broadcast television content. Marseille’s new product works with any source device with an HDMI output, including Blu-ray/DVD players, set-top boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Tivo and video game consoles.

Priced at $129 to $159, depending on length, the mCable is priced competitively against the passive premium HDMI cables that do not enhance picture quality. The mCable is the only cable 4K Image Certifiedby Technicolor, Hollywood’s premier technology provider.

mCable features and benefits include:

- Contextual video processing
- Edge restoration and text enhancement
- Reduction of compression artifacts and mosquito noise
- 120Hz frame support, for advanced gaming and action videography
- 4K/3D cinema upscaling
- Sub-1ms lag-free processing
- HDMI 2.0 interoperability safeguard
- 4K60 pass-through (future-proof cable for emerging products)
- Low-power device powered by USB



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