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More than 20 years ago, Powersim (www.powersimtech.com) created their core design and simulation software PSIM to empower engineers in the power electronics design industry.

PSIM provides expert circuit and systems level design and simulation capabilities. Our software has evolved to include multiple products in addition to PSIM. Today, we also have add-on modules, third-party software integration and hardware target support.

When get-to-market time is critical, PSIM’s power electronics simulator delivers unbeatable simulation speed while producing high quality system-level results. Even with no prior experience, PSIM’s friendly user interface means easy implementation and seamless adoption in any environment.

Its products enable engineers to enter and test custom C code with our built-in C compiler. Simulate even complex power electronics systems with a vast component and control blocks library.

For details including the PSIM  Version 11.1, click https://powersimtech.com/products/.

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