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Accelerating Mobile Device Testing for High Volume Production
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Accelerating Mobile Testing for High Volume Production

Key Considerations for Fast, Effective Mobile Test

IQxstream® and IQxel-M are manufacturing oriented, physical layer wireless test systems that represent a fundamentally new value proposition when discussing production test as compared to the more familiar lab test environment.

To fully leverage these capabilities, it is important to understand how they differ from the lab testers available and why production test is very different from lab testing.

This article will describe the differences between a lab test environment and production test. It will also describe some of the unique advantages that a physical layer tester such as IQxstream or IQxel-M bring to the production floor.

When implementing a production test solution, there will always be a conflict between test coverage and manufacturing throughput.

The production floor manager wants to move as many wireless products per hour through test as he can. The quality manager wants to ensure that all defects are detected and the CFO wants to support both but within the smallest capital budget possible.

For full details, please open the file.

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