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[SID Display Week 2017] Kateeva will celebrate the 30th anniversary of OLED device
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2017.05.13  18:28:03
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USA - At this year’s Display Week, the annual international event for the electronic display industry, the spotlight will fall on OLED technology. Kateeva (www.kateeva.com) executives will be there to celebrate the recognition. The conference will be held May 21-26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

2017 marks three decades since Steve Van Slyke and Professor Ching Tang co-wrote the seminal paper that described the ground-breaking OLED device. Now, thirty years later, OLED technology has transformed the display industry, and enthralled consumers with device displays that have turned “immersive viewing” into an artform. Already, devices featuring OLED displays that curve and bend around device edges are in the hands of millions of consumers.

And soon, when tablets and smartphones can stretch, roll and even fold without breaking, it will be thanks to the amazing power of OLED technology.

Van Slyke, Tang and other OLED pioneers will describe their journey to drive OLED technology from promise to product at a special OLED Symposium on Tues. May 23 from 3:35-5:10pm. Their remarkable contribution to the global display industry will be celebrated after that at a reception from 6:30-8:30pm. Kateeva’s VP of Process Engineering, Dr. Chris Brown, will chair the reception.

Kateeva’s executive team and key technologists will be there to celebrate the achievements of the OLED pioneers, and to pay special tribute to Van Slyke who has served as Kateeva’s CTO since 2010. Van Slyke has played a major role in helping Kateeva commercialize its breakthrough YIELDjet™ inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to mass produce OLED panels.

Beyond the OLED celebrations, Kateeva’s business and inkjet technology will be discussed at various presentations throughout the conference.

On Tues. May 23, Kateeva Chairman and CEO, Dr. Alain Harrus, will participate in the Investor’s Conference at a session titled: “OLED revolution continues”. Also on Tues., Steve Van Slyke’s OLED journey will be described in a talk titled “OLED: A look (way) back and a look (slightly) ahead” at the OLED Symposium.

Finally, Dr. Neetu Chopra, Kateeva’s Senior Technology Marketing Manager, will speak at the SID Business Conference on Mon. May 22. Dr. Chopra’s talk is titled “Enabling mass production of flexible and large-size OLED displays with inkjet printing”.

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