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Free from glass !Inkjet for OLED thin film encapsulation deposition
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The YIELDjet™ FLEX system is the display industry’s first inkjet solution engineered specifically for OLED Thin Film Encapsulation (TFE) mass production.

TFE is a critical enabling process for flexible OLED. Before the YIELDjet FLEX system, there were no practical mass-production solutions capable of satisfying customers’ cost and quality requirements.

The system offers superb control over every ink drop, and generates near-zero material waste. Yields are dramatically higher than alternative deposition approaches, and cost of ownership, vastly lower, making the system the most cost-effective TFE solution for high-volume OLED production.

The YIELDjet™ FLEX system rises to the challenge
Conventional evaporators and competing inkjet printers have been unable to overcome the TFE organic layer deposition challenges. Issues such as particle contamination, high non-uniformity, and onerous maintenance requirements have prevented these technologies from achieving the high yield/low cost imperatives required for mass production.

In contrast, the YIELDjet FLEX system, which is based on the YIELDjet platform, overcomes the challenges by deploying a host of enabling innovations such as nitrogen integration, floating stage, ultra-fast drop monitoring, and SmartMixing™ software.

Today, the system is the tool of choice for TFE mass production, delivering millions of flexible OLED products every year with “near-zero” yield loss.

Click http://kateeva.com/products/yieldjet-flex/ for details.

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