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ULP macros minimizing active and standby power consumption
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2017.06.26  07:31:14
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ULP macros are designed to minimize active and standby power consumption, with standby power less than 0.25µA.

The macros are currently available at 180nm, in several configurations ranging from 16 bits to 2 Kbits, and multiple macros can be combined to meet larger memory requirements ULP macros are designed to be low-power, field-programmable replacements for eFuses in applications such as precision analog trimming in automotive, medical, wireless and other systems.

Programming of the ULP macro may be done with an external voltage source or with an optional power supply macro that supplies the programming and read voltages from a single VCC supply.

The required read voltage is a very low 1.5V and programming current requirements are much smaller than those needed for programming eFuses. The default read mode of the macro - differential/redundant - provides the highest level of chip security and reliability. ULP data is available at chip start-up.

ULP macros can be converted into mask-programmable ROMs with a single mask change. The user has the flexibility to mask program the entire memory or individual portions of the macrocell. This feature gives the customer the ability to mask program a section of the memory while allowing other sections of the memory to be programmed in the field. 

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