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More Power to Zigbee 3.0: The Power of Green Power
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2017.09.12  16:16:45
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By Cees Links, GM of Qorvo Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Formerly CEO & Founder of GreenPeak Technologies

Complex, More Complex, Most Complex

Since Green Power became a standard feature of Zigbee 3.0, can we now expect Green Power sensors everywhere? Indeed, the Green Power specification enables extremely low-power and low-cost coin cell-based sensors, because it offloads all the complexity related to meshing. But where did the meshing go? Don’t we need it anymore? And by the way, just when it becomes possible to build an “unmeshed” Zigbee network, Wi-Fi “meshing” seems to be gaining popularity in the market. So what is going on? Let’s give this a closer look.

Meshing has always been an intriguing concept in networking technology. It implies an alignment with the concepts of sharing and helping – values usually highly rated in the world of technology pioneers. So, it’s no surprise that meshing networking usually attracts serious attention and consideration among technologists. Its positive qualities are usually described as “self-managing, self-configuring and self-healing.” Who wouldn’t want that?

In fact, on the heels of Zigbee and Thread meshing news, Bluetooth SIG recently announced the development of meshing products. Interestingly, and despite all the meshing chatter, Zigbee and Thread meshing have not been used extensively – most successful Zigbee applications in the market today do not require meshing. And although Wi-Fi also supports and has even standardized meshing (under IEEE 802.11s), it is hardly used...

For a full version, you can download the attached file. 

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