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Interaction and emotions with light and vibrations
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2017.09.26  07:33:37
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LucieLab's (www.lucielabs.com) Lucie Module represents the heart of the intelligence that equips the connected object and enable a unique experience of interaction and emotions with the light and vibrations. It also contains the serie of captors allowing the good functioning of the module and the gathering of relevant data.

Lucie Module carries a set of functionalities that you can personalise along your needs:

- Choose the colours that appear among several
- Choose intensity of the colours and vibration, the order of appearance, flashing or not
- The action associated to a colour, or the vibration to make it useful
- The tracking, or the guidance of the action, alerts, etc…

The number of functionalities embedded within Lucie Module make the first ever of this kind in the world.

Click http://www.lucielabs.com/index.php/lucie-our-solution/ for details.



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