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How to reach out to Samsung, LG and other Korean big-name companies
AptoVision BlueRiver NT1000 AV-over-IP chipset wins big at InfoComm 2017
The BlueRiver NT+ Series offers the world’s only chipsets to transport uncompressed, zero-latency Ultra HD/4K HDR over Ethernet. BlueRiver NT1000 delivers all the advanced IP-switching and extension capabilities AptoVision is known for while enabling a breakthrough cost of goods. The two members of the BlueRiver NT+ Series allow manufacturers to offer a top-to-bottom portfolio of AV-over-IP products which address the full range of feature, performance and pricing requirements for virtually all AV applications.
Semtech's LoRa technology is used by NNNCo to develop Australian farming IoT network
Model Solution's ProtoTool process simplifies and accelerates development of prototype tooling
Using electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology, Model Solution produces stronger steel mold-cores that last longer and generate parts with better visual quality. Steel tooling can be used throughout pre-production runs, and if necessary, material can easily be added during the design verification process. Adding material to aluminum molds is a significantly more difficult process, and can result in missed schedules and cost overruns. Beyond tooling for injection molding, Model Solution utilizes the ProtoTool process to produce parts as diverse as flat metal stampings, wireforms, flat springs, belleville washers, and machined components - faster and better.
[Silego webinar on June 28, 2017] Solving Mobile Device Power and Space Challenges with Flexible Power Islands
Power system design in mobile devices has become more challenging than ever. The performance in these power system must continue to go up, to give the end users the features and battery life that they demand.
Thriving vehicle displays create new biz opportunities at Touch Taiwan 2017
Gas Sensing Solutions unveils world’s fastest battery-powered CO2 sensor
[Company Profile] 글로벌 무선 기기 테스트 시장의 75% 점유하는 라이트 포인트
LitePoint 솔루션은 여러 칩들을 동시에 테스트함으로써 시스템 제조업체가 제품을 훨씬 더 빠르게 시장에 내놓을 수 있도록 제작 테스트 시간을 단축해준다. 특히 멀티 디바이스 셀룰러 테스트 기술은 간편한 사용과 최적의 테스트 환경을 제공하는 것으로 알려졌다.
[Company Profile] 켑웨어, "반도체 제조 라인의 IIoT커넥티비티 과제를 해결해드립니다"
[Tektronix webinar on June 28, 2017] Simplify Your USB Type-C Design Validation ...
FPD/Semiconductor News
AptoVision BlueRiver NT1000 AV-over-IP chipset wins big at InfoComm 2017
어플라이드머티어리얼즈, 벤처 투자 펀드 통해 한국 시장 투자 강화
ICT News
Harris delivers advanced weather satellite instrument to South Korea
KT, 중소기업과 5G 중계기 개발
LED/Lighting News
Barthelme develops fully encapsulated plastic linear LED luminaire
맥심, 오토모티브 LED 컨트롤러 ‘MAX20078’ 출시
Solar/PV News
Estes Express Lines and Dynamic Energy complete one of largest rooftop solar arrays
한전 최초의 ESS 융복합형 태양광 발전소, 일본 홋카이도에서 전력생산 개시
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Hot Product Innovation
Design Focus White Paper
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[IPDiA] Aerospace performances: -250°C up to 250°C grade silicon capacitors
[Solmitech] World’s first batteryless heartrate monitoring device
[GSA] Charting a New Course for Semiconductors
[Interlink Electronics] Human-Machine Interface Solutions for Rugged & Industrial Devices
[Alta Devices] Solar power applications for mobile devices
[Littelfuse] LED lighting surge protection modules design and installation guide
[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
[Dymax] Ensure success when switching from conventional lamp to LED light-curing sources

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