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Antenova's compact antenna covers 863-870MHz / 902-928MHz ISM bands for LPWAN market, IoT and smart cities
Antenova endeavours to give PCB designers the benefit of flexibility in the positioning of the antenna within a design, so the Grandis antenna is supplied is two versions, Left and Right, to give designers a choice of locations for the antenna on a PCB.
Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 will be held on July 5 - 6 in Munich
Silego and JARVISH get together to enable smart helmet system
With wireless high speed algorithms, built-in sensors, voice command and synchronization with smartphones, JARVISH’s Smart Helmet allows motorcycle riders to enjoy features like navigation, telephony and active protection system while on the road without the jeopardy of distraction. The groundbreaking product enhances the efficiency of protection helmets with new technologies that break through the limitation of conventional designs, connect riders back to the world while on two wheels and brings in upfront proactive safety.
Apollo Enclosures enters digital signage market with all-weather enclosures
[SID Display Week 2017] Leti demos world’s-first WVGA 10-µm pitch GaN microdisplays
The 10-micron pixel pitch technology will help address the growing demand for augmented-reality glasses for consumer and professional users, head-up displays for vehicle drivers and for pico projectors and other compact projectors. This prototype microdisplay, based on a self-emissive GaN-based technology, shows the highest resolution with smallest pixel pitch (10 µm) ever presented. Patterning high-density microLED arrays and hybridizing them on a CMOS circuit, using Leti’s micro-tube technology, enabled Leti to achieve this performance.
More than 442 million connected consumer devices will be sold in U.S. in 2020
Hitachi develops Quantum Dot Enhancement Film using Nanosys quantum dot technology
[May 31, 2017] "Basics of Motor Control" by Silego
FPD/Semiconductor News
[SID Display Week 2017] Leti demos world’s-first WVGA 10-µm pitch GaN microdisplays
인공 지능 혁명 체험한 GTC 행사
ICT News
Jabra recognizes Silego with “Innovation Award” for configurable mixed-signal technology
DHL 코리아, 국내 최초 이동식 발송물 접수 차량
LED/Lighting News
Radiant hosts free, half-day seminars on light & color measurement
OLED 조명 적용했더니 모션베드 판매 올라가더라...
Solar/PV News
Panasonic HIT solar module achievs world's highest output temperature coefficient1 at -0.258%/°C
탄소섬유발열체 전문기업 대환에너지, 전국 대리점 취급점 모집
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Hot Product Innovation
Design Focus White Paper
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[IPDiA] Aerospace performances: -250°C up to 250°C grade silicon capacitors
[Solmitech] World’s first batteryless heartrate monitoring device
[GSA] Charting a New Course for Semiconductors
[Interlink Electronics] Human-Machine Interface Solutions for Rugged & Industrial Devices
[Alta Devices] Solar power applications for mobile devices
[Littelfuse] LED lighting surge protection modules design and installation guide
[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
[Dymax] Ensure success when switching from conventional lamp to LED light-curing sources

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