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Monohm unveils world's first anti-smartphone
Japan & USA - Monohm (www.mono.jm) announced the creation of Runcible, the first personal device for the post-smartphone era. Runcible is modeled on the pocket watch and features a high resolution, fully round screen. The device includes a high-performance phone and camera, and includes features designed to refocus users' attention on real people and the real world.
[MWC 2015] Get myFC's smaller, lighter and cheaper cell charger
Sweden - Swedish innovation company myFC (www.myfcpower.com) will premiere a new fuel cell charger, “JAQ,” at the Mobile World Congress. The new charger is a powerhouse –smaller, lighter, at a lower cost per charge, and a hefty improvement in capacity. The slimline card, which consists of ordinary water and salt and easily fits in a pocket or bag, represents a new way of charging. Users can easily charge mobile phones and tablets using the card, which lasts for one smartphone charge. No pre-charging in a power socket is needed as electricity is created instantly on the spot when the card is activated.
[MWC 2015] FlexEnable showcases flexible electronics technology platform
The world's first plastic in-plane switching (IPS) LCD, which FlexEnable recently developed together with Merck, will be on show. The plastic LCDs have the potential of making products ten times thinner, more than ten times lighter and cheaper than those using conventional glass-based displays. The company will demonstrate an innovative application for the use of flexible electronics in wearables.
STMicroelectronics unveils digital UV sensor for mobile, wearable, and IoT applications
FPD/Semiconductor News
Mouser, 글로벌 엔지니어링 유명 인사 이마하라와 함께 “혁신 기술 챌린지
LED/Lighting News
Shipments of LED lamps and luminaires for commercial buildings will total  $10.7 billion from 2014 to 2023
필립스, 직관형 LED 램프 전용 컨버터 ‘자이티늄 2종’ 출시
Telecom News
[MWC 2015] Firefox OS proves flexibility of web: Ecosystem expands with more partners, device categories and regions in 2015
온세미, Embedded World Conference 2015에서 IoT 관련 이미징, 커넥티비티, 모터 제어 및 파워 솔루션 시연
Solar/PV News
Solar Impulse uses Intelsat and ITC Global for ground communications during first round-the-world solar flight
에너지 절약 전문기업 코스모토, ‘가정용 전기 절전기 CESS’ 대리점 모집
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper

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