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Toshiba unveils D2PAK+ 40V 160A 1.5mΩ MOSFET for automotive applications
AmericanAirlines Arena enhances fan experience and increases energy efficiency with Eaton’s advanced LED lighting and controls system
The new solid-state lighting system features Ephesus Arena Pro luminaires and Prism color fixtures with its patented color temperature tuning capabilities and a control system that will interface with the arena’s existing control system. The LED system is the only one available with 100 percent dimming capabilities, tunable light temperature and advanced control capabilities within each fixture.
PiBond pioneers a new material approach for MEMS and 3D IC manufacturing
PiBond announced the latest key milestone in its innovative SAP platform. SAP’s metal oxide solution revolutionizes the way in which manufacturers deal with ever increasing cost structures resulting from more complex designs. These materials boast higher etch selectivity than anything currently on the market - thus enabling patterning architectures previously unavailable with conventional techniques.
Samsung Display launches communication portal for Public Information Display (PID) panels
The new Samsung Display PID website is focused on enabling a clear understanding of the many benefits and operating alternatives for PID panels in any application, while also providing sales contact information through which PID customers can get further support. Through the PID communications portal, Samsung Display is establishing a market-focused network with its global customers that provides more detailed information about PIDs than is available from any other single source.
STG Aerospace secures EASA approval for its saf-Tglo blu photoluminescent system across the Airbus range
STG Aerospace announced that EASA has approved its latest photoluminescent floorpath marking system, saf-Tglo® blu, for the following Airbus aircrafts – the A300, A310, A320, A330 and A340. This is the first time that an emergency egress system using blue photoluminescence has been approved for use in any aircraft application. saf-Tglo® blu provides a unique colour glow for operators of aircraft in the Airbus family and cabin designers alike preparing to modify or upgrade Airbus aircraft interiors.
Orange expands virtual reality offering, launching mid-range universal VR headset in Europe
MIPI Alliance announces 2016 Membership Award recipients
FPD/Semiconductor News
Toshiba unveils D2PAK+ 40V 160A 1.5mΩ MOSFET for automotive applications
Melexis 중간대 압력 센싱 애플리케이션에 선구적으로 MEMS 사용
Telecom News
Fractal Antenna Systems wins metamaterial patent
완전히 프라이빗한 최초의 전화 문자 송수신용 모바일 앱 무료 출시
LED/Lighting News
AmericanAirlines Arena enhances fan experience and increases energy efficiency with Eaton’s advanced LED lighting and controls system
필립스라이팅, 호텔 맞춤형 MR16 LED램프 출시
Solar/PV News
Northern Cape of South Africa sees 100 MW Kathu solar project construction
파나소닉, 미얀마의 전기시설 없는 지역에 독립형 태양광발전 패키지인 ‘전력공급소’ 제공
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper
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Aerospace performances of IPDiA -250°C up to 250°C grade silicon capacitors
World’s first batteryless heartrate monitoring device from Solmitech
[GSA] Charting a New Course for Semiconductors
[Interlink Electronics] Human-Machine Interface Solutions for Rugged & Industrial Devices
[Alta Devices] Solar power applications for mobile devices
[Littelfuse] LED lighting surge protection modules design and installation guide
[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
[Dymax] Ensure success when switching from conventional lamp to LED light-curing sources

[Tech Alliance Updates]
GEN-Z Consortium for high-performance interconnecting
AirFuel Alliance enables higher power capabilities spanning wireless charging ecosystem
Industry-first Universal Stylus Initiative demo
SI2 Technologies joins NextFlex
Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance at MWC 2016
Z-Wave Alliance integrator membership + training
Ultra HD adoption issues
SuperMHL innovations
Global Network Alliance is born
GlobalPlatform welcomes Spreadtrum
UHD Alliance promotes premium specifications
HDBaseT Alliance for automotive
AirFuel Alliance receives worldwide regulatory approval for its wiireless charging technology
Six Wi-Fi predictions for 2016
HDMI interface for 5 billion consumer devices
AllSeen Alliance continues membership growth
HomeGrid Forum powerline technology boosts capabilities for connected home
EnOcean Alliance will exhibit ecosystem for integrated building controls at AHR Expo 2016
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