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[Call for articles and videos for September issue] Raw materials and parts for IoT/wearables
BeSpoon’s position-tracking system captures and displays real-time data to improve sports teams’ performance
Designed for professional and other high-level competitive teams, BeSpoon Sport Edition generates key metrics such as distance run faster than 7km/h, average acceleration and jump height in real time. These next-generation statistics immediately give coaches, players and fans new insight into the action on the field. BeSpoon’s impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) technology, which can track individuals’ or objects’ positions and movements to within a few inches, measures the time of flight of an UWB signal, and is impervious to interference by nearby people or objects.
World's first integrated thermocouple electromotive force to degrees celsius converter from Microchip saves design effort, space and cost
Microchip Technology announced the MCP9600—the world’s first thermocouple-conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision instrumentation, a precision temperature sensor and a precision, high-resolution ADC, in addition to a math engine preprogrammed with the firmware to support a broad range of standard thermocouple types.
AIST adopts Silvaco's TCAD products for SiC power semiconductor research
Aavid Thermalloy announces new high performance thermal interface materials
FPD/Semiconductor News
High voltage boost & inverting charge pumps deliver low noise dual outputs with post-regulating ±50mA LDOs
리니어, 고전압 부스트 & 인버팅 충전 펌프 출시
Telecom News
[Video] CipherLab 1860 Handheld UHF RFID Reader Smoothly Integrate RFID into Existing Business
LG전자, 웹OS TV 글로벌 업그레이드 실시
LED/Lighting News
OPTIS adds Luminit's Light Shaping Diffusers to SPEOS optical modeling and simulation library
도시바, LED 조명용 고출력 백색 LED 라인업 확대
Solar/PV News
[Case study] City of Lublin powers buses with Midsummer solar cells
LG전자, 국내 최대 규모 ESS 통합 시험 설비 구축
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper
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[바이코] 넓은 입력 전압 범위 POL 애플리케이션에서 파워용량 증대가 간편한 고성능 ZVS 벅레귤레이터
첨부 파일을 열 때 제공해주신 귀하의 연락처로 바이코 코리아에서 설문지를 보내드립니다. 설문자 여러분들중 20분께는 9월 2일에 선물을 배송해드립니다.
[Intersil] A Smarter Way to Power Wearable Devices
The Impact of IoT on Energy Efficiency in the Home
[Rudolph Technologies] JetStep lithography system maximizes throughput, addressing specific challenges of advanced packaging applications

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