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"D+ Monthly Feature for IoT/wearables" editorial calendar for 2015
IDT's high-performance and low-power wideband RF synthesizer/PLL
The 8V97051 has a figure of merit of -231 dBc/Hz, which enables superior phase noise performance. Offering low phase noise, it also provides 16 bits of frequency resolution that makes it ideal for precise RF instrumentation or radar applications. This device can also be used in microwave transceivers and industrial electronic products.
Planar launches DirectLight LED Video Wall Calculator
Planar Systems, a global leader in display and digital signage technology, introducedthe Planar® DirectLight™LED Video Wall Calculator, a free, online tool that simplifies the video wall selection processby helping customers visualize and plan for their LED video wall installations even before they make their purchase. The uniquePlanar DirectLight LED Video Wall Calculator allows customers considering the seamless Planar® DirectLight™LED Video Wall System to realistically preview implementations of the solution in a variety of indoor environments including public venues, corporate lobbies, conference rooms, retail settings, and control rooms.
Industry-first reference design for wearables' galvanic skin response
Now designers of wearables can save development and testing time, and quickly bring their mobile medical and fitness products to market. Offered in a wristband form factor, the MAXREFDES73# includes body surface temperature readings, Bluetooth® communications, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to one week on a single charge.
SmartKem expands in Asia
The expansion ensures the continued delivery of SmartKem’s semiconductor platform against increasing demand from the Asian market for materials that enable the manufacture of flexible, high performance transistor backplanes to drive a new generation of flexible displays.
SiBEAM gets world's first 60GHz millimeter-wave design win in Letv's Le Max smartphone
Vicor Corporation’s VIA BCM DC-DC front-end module offers high power density and efficiency
FPD/Semiconductor News
ams launches next-generation NFC interface tag IC with advanced data and energy management features
Telecom News
Motorola Solutions conducts Chile's first demonstration of public safety LTE technology
고화질 커뮤니케이션의 올인원 HDBaseT 기술
LED/Lighting News
Planar launches DirectLight LED Video Wall Calculator
GE라이팅, 가정의 달 맞아 '빛을 선물하세요' 캠페인 실시
Solar/PV News
Merck presents organic photovoltaic materials at EXPO 2015 in Milan
머크, 2015 밀라노 엑스포서 유기태양광 소재 소개
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper

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