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How to reach out to Samsung, LG and other Korean big-name companies
Lighting is not driving LED growth in 2017
Enjoy XCom Global's broad, fast and affordable data access on your travel to Europe
VRstudios announces world’s first 8-player arena-scale VR game built using NVIDIA VRWorks and Unity 2017
Leveraging the new features of Unity 2017.1 and NVIDIA’s VRWorks Unity Plugin, Terminal 17 demonstrates a milestone in visual fidelity and performance for LBE VR arena-scale content. Terminal 17 specifically takes advantage of features like Single-Pass Stereo and Lens Matched Shading (which also enables Multi-Res Shading) to give the experience a boost in performance. This improves the overall visual quality by running Terminal 17 at higher resolution with additional post-processing effects.
Tiny infrared LEDs from Osram allow for eye contact virtual reality
FOVE’s high-end VR system enables users to completely immerse themselves in another world. Sensors keep track of users and integrate their position and movements into virtual action, providing an authentic virtual experience. Eye tracking offers a new and highly intuitive way of interacting with virtual reality. Users can select or move an object by just looking at it, and can establish eye contact with virtual characters or trigger actions by focusing their gaze on a certain spot.
Mouser offers highly anticipated Microsemi PolarFire FPGA evaluation kit
[Webinar on August 31, 2017] Touch Sensor Basics from Silego
[Company Profile] Airbone Wireless...비행중인 항공기로 광대역 무선 서비스를?
전통적인 라디오 링크에 레이저를 통합시키는 하이 브리드 시스템이 일단 개발되면 대역폭을 획기적으로 합리적인 비용에 제공하는 극한 용량의 공중 백본 공급이 가능해진다. 이에 따라 메시 내에서 항공기의 위치를 정확히 찾아주는 라디오 주파수 컨트롤이 데이터 통신을 위해 레이저와 라디오 주파수를 앞뒤로 전환시켜줌으로써 창공중의 무선망 시스템이 악천후에서도 성공적으로 운용될 수 있게 된다.
FPD/Semiconductor News
Intel delivers 'real-time AI' in Microsoft's new accelerated deep learning platform
[온세미컨덕터] 콤퍼레이터(Comparator)의 불확실성
ICT News
LG brings perfect gaming monitors for intense action to IFA Berlin
NI, 5G 연구 가속화를 위해 MIMO 애플리케이션 프레임워크에 다중 안테나 UE 지원 발표
LED/Lighting News
Tiny infrared LEDs from Osram allow for eye contact virtual reality
파세코, 서울바이오시스와 UV LED 도마 살균기 ‘도마클린’ 공동 개발
Solar/PV News
LONGi Solar's 60 cell Hi-MO1 module demonstrates another power record
LONGi Solar의 60셀 Hi-MO1 모듈, 또 다른 출력 기록 세워
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Hot Product Innovation
Design Focus White Paper
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[IPDiA] Aerospace performances: -250°C up to 250°C grade silicon capacitors
[Solmitech] World’s first batteryless heartrate monitoring device
[GSA] Charting a New Course for Semiconductors
[Interlink Electronics] Human-Machine Interface Solutions for Rugged & Industrial Devices
[Alta Devices] Solar power applications for mobile devices
[Littelfuse] LED lighting surge protection modules design and installation guide
[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
[Dymax] Ensure success when switching from conventional lamp to LED light-curing sources

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