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How to reach out to Samsung, LG and other Korean big-name companies
Nanoscience Instruments expands into contract services with Nanoscience Analytical
Power Integrations enables no-neutral wireless wall switches for smart-home lighting
Power Integrations, the leader in high-efficiency, high-reliability LED-driver ICs, today announced a new reference design, DER-622, describing a smart wall switch compatible with wiring conditions most commonly found in residential retrofit installations. Typically, smart wall switches with wireless connectivity, occupancy/vacancy sensing and/or voice control require a neutral return wire to power the unit, which is not always available in retrofit situations.
Silicon Labs reference design simplifies development of USB Type-C rechargeable battery packs
Silicon Labs has introduced a comprehensive reference design to simplify the development of USB Type-C™ rechargeable lithium ion battery packs used to power smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones and other portable devices. The reference design includes everything developers need to create dual-role port (DRP) applications with USB Type-C power delivery (PD), accelerating the development of new USB Type-C battery packs or migrating existing USB Type-A battery pack designs to USB Type-C. Silicon Labs’ USB Type-C Battery Pack Reference Design includes a development board, USB Type-C PD stack, example code, schematics and a hardware manual.
Holst Centre, imec and Philips demo world’s first curved, plastic photodetector
Researchers from Holst Centre, imec and Royal Philips have produced the first ever prototype of a curved photodetector on a plastic substrate. The breakthrough paves the way for smaller optical and 3D imaging X-ray systems with better, more uniform image quality. A prototype curved X-ray detector has been integrated into a medical cone-beam CT (CBCT) demonstrator that was presented at the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference. Curved surfaces are the most natural shape for photodetectors – just think of the human eyeball. Nevertheless, today’s photo-imager arrays are flat. Flat optical detectors suffer from a phenomenon called vignetting, where image quality at the edge of the detector is less than at the center due to the angle at which the photons hit the outer pixels. The effect can be corrected with a series of optical lenses, but that results in a bulky system. Curved detectors eliminate vignetting naturally.
Vesper goes with Synaptics, advancing far-field voice interfaces for Amazon Alexa Voice
Osram launches new Osconiq brand and LEDs for applications including horticultural SSL
International VDI congress "ELIV" shows latest developments in vehicle electronics
Radiant Webinar presents four ways to enable automated SAE standard HUD measurement
Head-up display technology is one of the largest growth areas in the automotive market, with a key focus on increased passenger safety through improved vehicle operations and operator awareness. As with any display, visual performance is critical to the function of HUD systems. The webinar, titled “Four Ways to Enable Automated SAE Standard HUD Measurement,” will be broadcast live on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, from 99:30 AM PDT (12-12:30 PM EDT).
[Radiant Vision Systems Webinar] OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction
[Company Profile] Airbone Wireless...비행중인 항공기로 광대역 무선 서비스를?
전통적인 라디오 링크에 레이저를 통합시키는 하이 브리드 시스템이 일단 개발되면 대역폭을 획기적으로 합리적인 비용에 제공하는 극한 용량의 공중 백본 공급이 가능해진다. 이에 따라 메시 내에서 항공기의 위치를 정확히 찾아주는 라디오 주파수 컨트롤이 데이터 통신을 위해 레이저와 라디오 주파수를 앞뒤로 전환시켜줌으로써 창공중의 무선망 시스템이 악천후에서도 성공적으로 운용될 수 있게 된다.
FPD/Semiconductor News
Holst Centre, imec and Philips demo world’s first curved, plastic photodetector
실리콘랩스, USB Type-C 충전 배터리 팩 개발을 간소화하는 레퍼런스 디자인 출시
ICT News
Visionect and Stampede enter the education space with JOAN Classroom
시스코, ACI 애니웨어로 기업의 SDN 기반 글로벌 IT 환경 및 멀티클라우드 통합 운영 실현
LED/Lighting News
Power Integrations enables no-neutral wireless wall switches for smart-home lighting
파워 인테그레이션스, 스마트 가정 조명용 no-neutral 무선 벽면 스위치 실현
Solar/PV News
Baker Electric Solar brings solar energy and cost savings to Ferring Research Institute
LONGi Solar의 60셀 Hi-MO1 모듈, 또 다른 출력 기록 세워
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Hot Product Innovation
Design Focus White Paper
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[IPDiA] Aerospace performances: -250°C up to 250°C grade silicon capacitors
[Solmitech] World’s first batteryless heartrate monitoring device
[GSA] Charting a New Course for Semiconductors
[Interlink Electronics] Human-Machine Interface Solutions for Rugged & Industrial Devices
[Alta Devices] Solar power applications for mobile devices
[Littelfuse] LED lighting surge protection modules design and installation guide
[Electriplast] Electriplast based, low coast, high volume manufactrable bipolar plate design for lead acid batteries
[Dymax] Ensure success when switching from conventional lamp to LED light-curing sources

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