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[IoT] Energy-saving wireless/standalone thermostat
The new Wi-Stat IIIe allows for greater deployment flexibility – existing conventional thermostats can be replaced with Wi-Stat IIIe programmable devices as part of normal maintenance, without adding a full blown BAS. Building owners can begin saving on energy costs much sooner by using Wi-Stat IIIe thermostats as standalone programmable devices. Later, already installed Wi-Stat IIIe thermostats can be easily switched to wireless mode and integrated into a centralized BAS. Wi-Stat IIIe functions as Internet-of-Things (IoT) for use in commercial, industrial and municipal multi-zone HVAC environments to enable greater energy-policy compliance, multi-site remote monitoring and control, and usage analysis.
Want to have more than 60 Asian media coverage at "MWC 2015"?
The "MWC Asian media briefing 2015" project features interviews with exhibitors or visiting companies at their booth, suite or hotel conference room between the editors and exhibitors: before or during the gala event. Following the successful projects at SID, CES and productronica, this special PR program will cater to your needs for a lot of Asian media coverage.
[DSE 2015] BrightSign overhauls entire digital signage media player portfolio
[LOPEC 2015] OE-A predicts 19 percent increase in sales revenue for industry
[Wearable Technologies Conference 2015] Bosch Sensortec launches combo MEMS solution with integrated gas sensor
Christie MicroTiles now ships with three-year warranty
FPD/Semiconductor News
[신제품] 거티브 입력 동기식 벅부스트/인버트 DC/DC 컨트롤러
LED/Lighting News
SloanLED's Progressive Down Light 3 gets DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualification
[신제품] IoT 연결형 자연채광 집광 기능 칩
Telecom News
Millennial Net unveils  energy-saving wireless/standalone thermostat
세계적 NAS 전문업체 큐냅-AMD와 파트너쉽…10GbE 속도지원 NAS 출시
Solar/PV News
[CES 2015] Ascent Solar’s EnerPlex brand launches first ever battery and solar case for iPhone 6
IHI, 도시바와 해류발전 시스템 실증 연구 출범키로
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper

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