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"D+ Monthly Feature for IoT/wearables": wireless connection for July issue
OE-A Roadmap shows development of printed electronics
Various industry sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, household appliances, packaging and pharmaceuticals already market products based on organic and printed technologies. This is the main result of the roadmapping process, of which over 250 OE-A experts took part in. The Roadmap, a key activity of the OE-A, represents the common perspectives of the more than 230 member companies and institutes for the continuous development of this young sector. In the future the application of printed electronics will be strengthened, also in areas such as Smart Packaging, Buildings and Textiles as well as Automotive Displays. However, in order to make the technology more suitable for mass production, further breakthroughs are required in the fields of processes, encapsulation, materials, as well as standards and regulations.
Mouser unveils enhanced IoT applications site
USA - Mouser Electronics (www.mouser.com) announced the introduction of their updated Internet of Things Applications site. Mouser's updated and enhanced IoT Applications site brings together the two evolving technologies critical for IoT: wireless connectivity for interconnecting embedded systems, and smart sensors. Combined with recent advances in low power microcontrollers, these new "things" are being connected to the internet easily and inexpensively, ushering in a second industrial revolution.
Presto expands engineering, production, and supply chain services
OE-A Roadmap shows development of printed electronics
FPD/Semiconductor News
LG 울트라 올레드 TV 잘나간다
Telecom News
‘Blue light’ segments in transition - rugged computers a game-changer in critical field rescue situations
영국의 향후 IT 시장 트렌드는...
LED/Lighting News
LpS 2015 releases outstanding conference program
제13회 국제 LED & OLED EXPO 개최
Solar/PV News
Kyocera's joint venture begins to construct 23MW solar power plant
솔라 패널에도 이젠 색깔을 입힌다
Hot Product Innovation
Supply Chain Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper
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PFM을 활용한 전원 부품 설계법
첨부 파일을 열 때 제공해주신 귀하의 연락처로 바이코 코리아에서 설문지를 보내드립니다. 당첨되신 분들은 스포츠 백을 선물로 받으시게 됩니다.
[Mentor Graphics] Analog FastSPICE platform for full-spectrum sampled period noise analysis
[HDBaseT Alliance]
Need for uncompressed home networking
[Albis Technologies] Carrier ethernets making operators more successful

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