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Companies such as OSRAM, Infineon, VTI, Scalado, DELO, DOCEA, Allegro, GreenPeak, Evonik, X-FAB, ams and Novaled took the project before to enjoy a lot of media coverage.
Skyworks ramps revolutionary diversity receive modules for LTE smartphones
This new product category leverages Skyworks’ systems level expertise and techniques developed for cellular base stations to create a highly innovative solution integrating multiple low loss RF switches, receive SAW filters and LNAs to dramatically enhance downlink data rates in LTE advanced MIMO systems.
Broadcom DSL gateway device enables Gbps services to/within the home
The new G.fast digital subscriber line (DSL) standard, capable of supporting data rates in excess of 1Gbps with 106 MHz spectrum, augments Broadcom's telecom access portfolio to ensure carriers can deliver the fastest, most flexible and highest quality services to meet growing bandwidth and service needs.
Vringo announces ZTE request for release of detained products denied by District Court of Hague
FPD/Semiconductor News
LG announces first mobile application processor
LG전자, 독자 AP 첫 탑재 스마트폰 ‘G3 스크린’ 공개
LED/Lighting News
Larson Electronics releases 150W explosion-proof LED light fixture operating on 347/480V AC
나카무라 슈지 교수 인터뷰:'미친 짓'은 제품 혁신의 원동력
Telecom News
Skyworks ramps revolutionary diversity receive modules for LTE smartphones
팬택 '베가 R3' 두 번째 OS 업그레이드 실시
Solar/PV News
Innovative fine line metallization technology promises higher efficiency values
태양열 에너지, 2050년까지 전력원 잠식
Hot Product Innovation
Logistics Manufacturing/Test
Design Focus White Paper
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